FREE SOLDIER Men Outdoor Waterproof Tactical Softshell Hooded Jacket

This is a men’s tactical style softshell hooded jacket. It is mainly meant for outdoor purposes and is also waterproof and comes with a tactical softshell, which makes it ideally suited to hunting season. The jacket comes from the brand Free Soldier and is also waterproof.

Product Specifications:

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Jacket Waterproof Army Military Hooded Jacket Softshell Autumn Winter Jacket (Army Green XL)
  • Material: DINTEX soft shell fabric, medium weight fleece lining
  • DESIGN: This jacket is upgraded style, much warmer with fleece lining, comprehensive unique water-resistant design
  • FUNCTION: Water-resistant, windproof, breathable, warm keeping, lightweight, camouflage cover, prevent from bugs
  • CHARACTERISTICS: The collar with a brim of the hat, preventing from getting wet, wind and water-resistant; collar with Contraction rope, prevent wind from drilling into neck; Zipper are much solid; several pockets to put items in; Adjustable cuff size to prevent from wind
  • SUITABLE: Camping, hiking, cycling, fishing hunting, mountaineering and other outdoor sports; Cold weather

The material used to make this coat is DINTEX delicate shell texture material, and the wool lining has a medium weight. This coat is an updated style, which is much warmer with downy fixing and accompanies a thorough, one of a kind waterproof feature.

The coat is waterproof, as well as withstand overwhelming twist, warm keeping and is lightweight. It likewise keeps bugs from irritating you, amid outdoors. The neckline accompanies an overflow of a cap, which keeps it from getting wet and keeps the twist from penetrating into the neck.

It accompanies a few pockets and accompanies a zippered front. It is reasonable for use for a wide assortment of activities including yet not restricted to outdoors, climbing, cycling, angling, chasing, mountaineering and other open air sports.

Pros and Cons:

It is great in terms of appearance and functions admirably to keep the rain out. It is good with cold temperatures, and the hood can deal with a decent wind blast. The zipper is in reverse, i.e. the way a female zipper goes. It is durable and will last you a decent amount of time without requiring repurchase which is the best part about this coat.

The inward downy covering is delicate. The hood comes with a genuine cool framework. There’s a versatile line that goes through the extension of the hood to secure it like an average hood. Be that as it may, the ropes likewise keep running into the front pockets. It has D-rings so that you can attach your key chains and other items in the hood and it also comes with pockets so that you can keep your hands warm.

The negative features of this product are that the front pockets do not work as well as the other pockets in the rest of the jacket do.

Why should you buy it?

It comes all around bundled from the producer and didn’t have any hanging strings or free sewing. The external shell is delicate, and the camo (CP) printing is brilliant and clean. The inward wool covering is delicate. The hood has a genuine cool conclusion framework.

The coat has a greatest measure of comfort accessible and can be effortlessly worn over different articles of clothing since it has adequate measure of space to fuse the pieces of clothing.

Final Verdict:

Overall, despite its slightly pricey price point, the jacket is worth purchasing because of the quality and durability of the fabric that is provided. It has also had other cool features such as the fact that is waterproof and not likely to wear and tear. The design of the jacket is highly functional and suited to a wide variety of outdoor activities.